Année 2016

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IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis, 37(1):170, 2016.

[5] J. Droniou and R. Eymard.
Uniform-in-time convergence of numerical methods for non-linear degenerate parabolic equations.
Numerische Mathematik, 132(4):721-766, 2016.

[6] J. Droniou, R. Eymard, and R. Herbin.
Gradient schemes: generic tools for the numerical analysis of diffusion equations .
ESAIM: M2AN, 50(3):749-781, 2016.

[7] J. Droniou, R. Eymard, and K. S. Talbot.
Convergence in C([0,T];L2(Omega)) of weak solutions to perturbed doubly degenerate parabolic equations.
Journal of Differential Equations, 260(11):7821-7860, 2016.

EYMARD Robert 2017-08-29