Mathematical Lexicon

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Warning : The lexicon files offered here are made for working on the Macintosh computers, together with the spell checker Excalibur. This one in turn interfaces easily with many word processors, including Appleworks and mostly Alpha, which makes it a perfect tool for typing in TeX or LaTeX. Nonetheless, these lexicons can be adapted to other platforms (see Procedure). A somewhat less complete french lexicon dedicated to the ispell spell checker can be found as Français-GUTenberg 1.0. To the best of my knowledge, no such file or program exist for english mathematical words (but I will be happy to be contradicted). However most spell checkers already know a great many mathematical words (at least the non technical ones).

Two lexicons are proposed: one for french and one for english mathematical words. The second one is shorter (1000 entries instead of 2700), mostly because english possesses less words (for obvious grammatical reasons), but also for lack of expertise of the Author. Expectedly, mistakes are more probable in the english lexicon than in the french one. Both contain usual mathematicians names (not all ;-). See Contributions if you want to signal mistakes, make additions or comments.

Nota bene : some spellings are questionable. That is always the problem with new words; but there may also be various ways of writing the same word. That is the case for "exotic" names, but also for british spelling versus american spelling. So far the latter has been chosen. However an author wishing to use the british spelling ought to edit the source file and make the appropriate changes (rather than adding new words).

History : version 1.0
Latest update 2000-06-25
Author : Pascal Romon