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Conference in honor of Jacques Peyrière

Monastir, Tunisia

September 8-13, 2007

Sup'Com Tunis

Faculté des sciences de Monastir

Université de Clermont-Ferrand

Université Jules Verne

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This conference is organized by the Comité Mixte Franco-Tunisien de Coopération Universitaire (CMCU project « Fractales, Images et Ondelettes » code: 05S 1501, with the kind support of the Société Mathématique de Tunisie, and in collaboration with the "Ministère tunisien de l’Enseignement Supérieur" and the "Ministère tunisien de la Recherche Scientifique, de la technologie et du développement des compétences"), the University of Monastir, the French Institute INRIA, the University of Paris XII - Val de Marne, and with the help and support of SUP'COM, the Institut Français de Coopération, the Université Paris-Sud Orsay, the Université Jules Verne, the Université Blaise Pascal, the Université d'Orléans, and the Tsinghua University.

This conference is also organized to celebrate the three years-anniversary of the project CMCU « Fractales, Images et Ondelettes ».


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This conference aims at gathering specialists in all the fundamental areas of pure and applied mathematics related to fractal geometry, from harmonic analysis and signal processing to number theory, passing by potential theory and PDE's on fractals.
It is held in honor of Jacques Peyrière who achieved significant contributions in several of these fields. In particular he was one of the pionneers both in the fine study of singular measures generated by iterated multiplications like Riesz products and Mandelbrot multiplicative cascades, and in the connections between fractal sets and combinatorics on words.
During the last twenty years he also contributed to the development of the relations between tunisian and french mathematical communities, especially in Monastir. This is why this conference takes place in this beautiful city.

New Last minute information:

      There has been some modifications on the program. The new program is now available.

      The excursion consists in the visit of El Jem, a historical site (from the Roman empire), which
      is located 1 hour from Monastir (see El Jem on Wikipedia). The fee is 38 Dinars, and must be
      paid in Tunisian Dinars
the first day of the conference (or the day of your arrival).  

      The price of the conference dinner is 55 Dinars and must be paid in Tunisian Dinars the first
      day of the conference. 

 NewRegistration form:
In order to register to the conference, you must fill in the following registration form, and send us back at the address mentioned in this document:
INRIA Rocquencourt
Bureau des cours - Colloques
Domaine de Voluceau - BP 105

This must be done before June, 8th 2007.

For any questions (about the payment, or how to fill in the form), don't hesitate to contact us at the e-mail address   Adresse mail

New Practical Informations:

The easiest way to reach Monastir is to fly directly to the Monastir Airport. Once arrived at the airport, the nice organizing committee will welcome you and help you find the Hotel!!!

For those who can only fly to Tunis, here are some informations to go from Tunis to Monastir (and to the Thalassa hotel):

A tunisian collaborator of the organizing committee will welcome the participants of the conference at the Tunis Airport on Friday 7th. This collaborator will help the participants to withdraw some local money and to find appropriate taxis. In order to go to the Thalassa Hotel, two options are available:
  1.  Take directly a taxi from the Tunis airport to the Thalassa hotel. A taxi car can take 3 or 4 participants (depending on the size of the luggages...). The price is approximately 120 Dinars (~70 Euros), no matter how many passengers in the car. The traject lasts 2 hours.
  2. First take a taxi from the airport to the "louage" station (which is located at the "place de Moncef Bey"). This traject costs ~5 Dinars and lasts 25 minutes. A louage is a sort of collective taxi. Once arrived at the station, you take a louage to Monastir, and indicate to the driver that you want to go to the Thalassa Hotel. The price is 10 Dinars, and it takes around 1h40 to get to the Thalassa Hotel.

The current rate change is 1€=1,75 Tunisian Dinar.

  • Harmonic analysis
  • Multifractal analysis
  • Probability theory
  • Potential theory 
  • PDE's on fractals
  • Geometric measure theory

  • Dynamical systems
  • Fractal tilings
  • Number theory
  • Combinatorics on words
  • Wavelets
  • Signal and image processing

Invited speakers (confirmed):
  • Alano ANCONA (Univ. Paris XI)
  • Christoph BANDT (Univ. Greifswald)
  • Amel BEN AZZA (Sup'Com Tunis)
  • Soufia BEN  JEBARA (Sup'Com Tunis) 
  • Mourad BEN SLIMANE (Fac. des Sciences, Tunis)
  • Jean BERTOIN (Univ. Paris 6)
  • Aline BONAMI (Univ. Orléans)
  • Zoltan BUCZOLICH (Eotvos Univ., Budapest)
  • Ronald COIFMAN (Yale Univ.)
  • Hedi DABOUSSI (Univ. Amiens and Paris XI)
  • Guy DAVID (Univ. Paris XI)
  • Michel DEKKING (Delft Univ.)
  • Kenneth FALCONER (Univ. St Andrews)
  • Olivier GOUBET (Univ. Picardie)
  • Geoffrey GRIMMETT (Cambdrige Univ.)
  • Jean-Pierre KAHANE (Univ. Paris XI)

  • Yunping JIANG (City Univ. of New York)
  • Ka-Sing LAU (Univ. Hong-Kong)
  • Pertti MATTILA (Univ. of Helsinki)
  • Dan MAULDIN (Univ. of North Texas)
  • Michel MENDES-FRANCE (Univ. Bordeaux)
  • Mounir MENSI (Fac. des Sciences, Monastir)
  • Dominique PASTOR (Télécom Bretagne)
  • Christophe SABOT (Univ. Lyon I)
  • Bahman SAFFARI (Univ. Paris XI)
  • Jorg SCHMELING (Lund University)
  • Claude TRICOT (Univ. Clermont-Ferrand)
  • Edward WAYMIRE (Oregon State Univ.)
  • Zhi-Xiong WEN (Wuhan Univ.)
  • Zhi-Ying WEN (Tsinghua Univ.)
  • Ezzedine ZAHROUNI (Fac. des Sciences, Monastir)


Organizing Committee:
  • Julien BARRAL (INRIA)
  • Athanassios BATAKIS (Univ. Orléans)
  • Fathi BEN NASR (Fac. des Sciences, Monastir)
  • Mourad BEN SLIMANE (Fac. des Sciences, Tunis)
  • Imène BHOURI (Fac. des Sciences, Monastir)
  • Ai-Hua FAN (Univ. Picardie)
  • Yanick HEURTEAUX (Univ. Clermont-Ferrand)

  • Stéphane JAFFARD (Univ. Paris XII)
  • Mounir MENSI (Fac. des Sciences, Monastir)
  • Stéphane SEURET (Univ. Paris XII)
  • Chouhaid SOUISSI (Fac. des Sciences, Monastir)
  • Mohamed H. TLILI (Fac. des Sciences, Monastir)
  • Taoufik TURKI (Fac. des Sciences, Monastir)
  • Ezzedine ZAHROUNI (Fac. des Sciences, Monastir)

Scientific Committee:

  • Julien BARRAL (INRIA)
  • Fathi BEN NASR (Fac. des Sciences, Monastir)
  • Stéphane JAFFARD (Univ. Paris XII)
  • Stéphane SEURET (Univ. Paris XII)

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